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Things to Look Out For

A child at this age should have well-developed speech, language and communication skills.  If they are finding language difficult, you might notice that they:

  • Find it hard to learn and understand the meanings of words.
  • Find it hard to understand language about things in the past or future. 
  • Struggle to understand phrases that can mean more than one thing, such as “pull your socks up”.
  • Respond to just part of an instruction, usually the beginning or end.
  • Use short sentences, often with words missing or in the wrong order.
  • Find it hard to make up stories. This shows in written work as well as talking.
  • Are not learning at school, but nobody can explain why.
  • Are struggling to make and keep friends.
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If you have any concerns, you should speak to your health visitor, GP or paediatrician.

You can check your child’s progress here (birth to 11 years).