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Communication Cookbook

These resources and many more can now be found in our Resource Database.

The Communication Cookbook is a resource book of activities to support children's language and communication. It focuses on five essential ingredients that support children's communication skills, and contains simple recipes to help parents and teachers to develop these in skills in children aged four to six.

Play Cards

Download and print out a brilliant set of picture cards, based on Ann Locke's 'living language' vocabulary lists.

Online games

Bailey Bear's Listening Walk

This game is a fun way for children to improve their listening skills by encouraging them to think about some of the sounds around them. Play the game here.


What's the difference

Understanding the meanings of words and how they link together is important for children's language development.

This game encourages children to compare different objects and categorise them - either by how they're used, how they look, or where they belong. Play the game here.


Boo Cat's Birthday Party

This easy-to-follow activity will help your child build their vocabulary and learn how to follow instructions. All the instructions are written as well as spoken. Play the game here.


How does it feel

This activity helps children to 'read' emotions and understand that there's often a connection between how people feel and what they say. Play the game here.


Tell me a story

This game will help develop a very important aspect of a child's communication skills - their ability to tell a story, in the right sequence, from beginning to end. Play the game here.


The Stinky Wood

This game practices lots of language skills - it is written in simple present tense, uses useful vocabulary, demonstratest social interaction, and encourages listening and understanding. Use the questions at the end a starters for conversations, or take the story to its next chapter 'What happens to Dotty and Boo Cat next?' Play the game here.

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