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Who can help

If the child goes to an early years setting, the staff at the centre can support the child’s speech and language development. They may have had training from initiatives such as the Every Child a Talker (ECaT) programme.

Within the local authority there should be someone responsible for ECaT, who should be able to support the setting. There are organisations that provide training in this field, such as I CAN and Elklan. They provide early years staff with understanding of speech and language development, and strategies for supporting children with difficulties. I CAN’s Early Talk 0 – 3 programme has training sessions designed to support practitioners working with parents. For more information visit

Older children can be supported at school by an SLT, or specialist language advisory service. Schools can also receive training from organisations such as I CAN and Elklan. It is important to discuss concerns about a school-aged child with a SENCO or class teacher.

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